Somerset County Economic Development Commission
Somerset County
Somerset County, Maryland
Membership Form
The demands are not excessive. We ask firstly that our members be annual financial contributors to our program. From time to time, associate members are invited to serve on a working committee exploring a subject area in which they have professional expertise or perhaps simply a strong personal interest. Finally we ask that the members be boosters of the EDC at its activities, encouraging new members to join and doing their part to stimulate a positive, optimistic attitude in the County.

There are tangible benefits, of course, such as receipt of the EDC Annual Report that is presented to the Somerset County Commissioners. You will also receive a decorative transfer declaring your membership, and invitations to your EDC sponsored events. Additionally, your annual dues are a tax deductible contribution.

However, the most important benefits are in the feelings of being involved in an effort that is taking positive steps to effect changes that will benefit the entire community. Membership is an opportunity to participate in, and give input to that effort.

Simply complete the attached form indicating the appropriate category of membership and mail it to the EDC office along with a check representing your annual dues. If you would like to serve on any of the EDC's working committees, please use the same form to indicate your particular area of interest. Your dues will assist in the marketing efforts of the Somerset County Economic Development Commission.

To learn more about our organization please contact any member of the EDC, or the Executive Director at 410-651-0500. We will be happy to discuss our program with you.

Associate Membership Dues
Category Annual Dues
A. Organizations $75.00
B. Individuals $25.00
C. Corporations (Businesses & Professionals)
1. 1-5 employees $50.00
2. 6-10 employees $100.00
3. 11-25 employees $150.00
4. 26-50 employees $300.00
5. 51 + employees $600.00
D. Governmental Agencies $150.00

Please send this form to the address
below. make check payable to:
Somerset County Economic
Development Commission
Application for Membership
Circle One:
A. Organization B. Individual
C. Corporation D. Governmental Agencies

(If a corporation or organization, please identify contact)

Mailing Address_________________________________________



Amount Enclosed________________________________________

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