Somerset County Economic Development Commission
Somerset County
Somerset County, Maryland

To:                   All Prospective Associate Members

 From:              Daniel K. Thompson

                       Executive Director

 Re:                Somerset County Economic Development Commission

                      2017 Associate Membership Program

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Somerset County Economic Development Commission (SCEDC), I would like to extend to you a gracious invitation to become an ASSOCIATE MEMBER of the SCEDC.

Some of the major projects that the SCEDC have focused on this past year are as follows:

  • Aerospace Industry / Wallops Island / Crisfield Airport
  • Marketing  and Promotion of the Princess Anne Industrial Park
  • Carvel Hall at the Crisfield Industrial Park
  • Princess Anne Main Street Association (Washington Hotel)
  • Hotel Center
  • Agriculture and Aquaculture
  • Alternative Energy Projects (solar, poultry litter, bio-mass, etc.)
  • Infrastructure (Natural Gas, Water & Sewer, Rail)
  • Expansion of Broadband  
  • Participation in Crisfield Economic Recovery Efforts
  • Creative Partnerships / Collaborative Efforts with UMES

Without the support from the Somerset County Commissioners, The Town of Princess Anne, The City of Crisfield, and our Associate Members, these projects would not have materialized.

Our Associate Membership Program is a vital link in our partnering with the various agencies throughout the county in a common endeavor to raise the standard of living and quality of life for all of our citizens of Somerset County. By developing a concerted effort to work in all three areas of economic development, the Somerset County Economic Development Commission will be able to help improve the employment, personal income, tax base, and quality of life for all the people in Somerset County.

Your contribution and support will enable us to do more. Below please find a link to our ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP brochure, which goes into more detail about the benefits and goals of your membership.  Should you have any questions, or concerns about issues affecting the growth of economic development in Somerset County, please give us a call.  We would appreciate your input.


Daniel K. Thompson
Executive Director


Jim East, Chairman

Rob Maddox, Vice Chairman

Harry Gemmell, Treasurer

Jerry Barbierri, Secretary

Doug Taylor, County Administrator

Somerset County