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Town looks ahead to commercial, residential growth
July 10, 2019
 Town looks ahead to commercial, residential growth

Dunkin’, Dollar Tree and drive-thru pharmacy plus multi, single-family housing

By Richard Crumbacker

Crisfield-Somerset County Times


PRINCESS ANNE — New construction and remodeling are now occurring in Princess Anne that will soon benefit local consumers.


Public Works and Code Enforcement Officer Tracy Grangier reports that the contractor building Dunkin’ has poured the footings for a new doughnut shop to be located on the southwest corner lot in front of Princess Anne Village.


Formerly Dunkin’ Donuts, the franchise had its site plan and permits approved last year. That included a restaurant at over 2,000 sq. ft. with a drive-thru window.


At the former Dollar General building on Mt. Vernon Road, the interior is being renovated to make way for Dollar Tree. “I know everybody’s heard rumors,” Mrs. Grangier said, but plans for this were recently submitted so Princess Anne will soon have all three stores — Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree — in close proximity.


Upcoming is strategic demolition and remodeling of a vacant medical building at 12145 Elm Street so Chesapeake Health Care can relocate its pharmacy. Currently the pharmacy is in a nearby building on the second floor, but with this move the new site will include a drive-thru.


The site plan for this was approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission in May, and at the July 1 Town Commissioners’ meeting Mrs. Grangier said the entire project received all of its approvals.


Despite these improvements, it was reported that the McCready Health urgent care center on Brittingham Lane shutdown on June 14.


After originally serving as an outpatient center then closing for many years, it reopened in November 2015 but struggled to find the right mix of services.


Now with Peninsula Regional Health System in line to acquire Mc-Cready its future is to be determined.


Just north of the McCready building is the proposed Somerset Crossing, which will get access from the east by an extension of UMES Boulevard with the installation of a new traffic signal on the southbound lane of U.S. 13.


This development, overseen by Delaware-based Capano Management, is currently seeking tenants.


Town Manager Deborah Hrusko said she expects some activity on the 62-acre property in the next six to eight months. “They’re trying to get everything lined up before they actually start because once they start they want to keep moving,” she said.


On the residential side, the Board of Zoning Appeals in June approved a special exception for 24 units to be built on the south side of Spruce Street behind the Pizza Hut and Social Services parking lots.


Spruce Street Apartments, a project of Thor Bridge LLC, will involve two buildings built in phases where three one- story apartment buildings are now located. More detailed plans are yet to be submitted and finalized.


Off UMES Boulevard an additional 54 units of workforce housing are planned by Enterprise Homes to complete this development which already includes 75 units.


Mrs. Grangier said the planning commission met June 27 and approved its annual report to the Maryland Department of Planning. One of its highlights was permits for eight new single family homes during the year, and she said four more are expected in the next few months.


Also approved by the planning commission was a solar energy installation to help power the Somerset County Sanitary District’s wastewater treatment plant, and the installation of a new water main to serve the west side of U.S. 13 at Deal Island Road. It will utilize a right- of-way to bore under the west end of Manokin River Park, however, Mrs. Grangier said whatever trees are removed will be replaced in the same general area.


“This will improve water quality for everybody on the west side of town,” she said. While it’s not a town project she wanted the commissioners and the public to be aware of the work that will be taking place.


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