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Town lifts protections once required on ca. 1815 house
February 14, 2018
 Town lifts protections once required on ca. 1815 house

Crisfield-Somerset County Times



PRINCESS ANNE — As expected the Princess Anne Commissioners passed a resolution not requiring the new owners of a former campground from protecting or restoring a 200-yearold house on the 62 acre property.


Princess Anne LLC bought the land at the end of Brittingham Lane from the county last April for $900,000. However, when a former owner had it annexed into the town limits in 2007 the commissioners adopted a resolution that the Federal-period manor house be protected as well as the area immediately around it.


The house has been shuttered for over 20 years and is decaying inside, so much so that it’s no longer required to be insured by the bank that’s holding the mortgage.

Town attorney Paul Wilber said, “It’s fallen into substantial disrepair,” and a decision was made to delete language about restoration of the circa 1815 house as it relates to the current owner.


A resolution to amend an agreement requires just one reading, but the issue had been discussed during the board’s January work session.

This regular town meeting of Feb. 5 was the first one attended by Commissioner Lionel Frederick since his 2016 extortion conviction was overturned in October by the Court of Special Appeals. During the Commissioners Comments part of the agenda at the end of the meeting, however, he had nothing to share.

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