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America may run to Princess Anne
January 31, 2018
 America may run to Princess Anne

Because it’s where a Dunkin’ Donuts will be

By Richard Crumbacker

Crisfield-Somerset County Times


PRINCESS ANNE — If America runs on Dunkin’ then Princess Anne will be on its radar.


The first hurdle to bring a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise to Princess Anne was crossed with enthusiastic and unanimous support last Thursday night from the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission.


A restaurant over 2,000 sq. ft. in size is proposed for the southwest corner lot in front of Princess Anne Village. It is already zoned C-2, scaled to have adequate parking and access was previously platted by an easement through the shopping plaza’s parking lot from both Somerset Avenue and UMES Boulevard.


A preliminary site plan was unanimously approved during the board’s monthly meeting. When final drawings are presented in the coming months, issues such as stormwater management will need to be finalized, said Tracy Grangier, the town’s code enforcement officer.


The owner will be Nick Nistazos, whose company Franchise Management Services Inc. operates some 59 Dunkin’ Donuts on the shore except the Cambridge and Kent Island locations, said Steve McGee, the construction portion manager. The site plan is being prepared by Brock Parker of Parker & Associates, which was also the design engineer for the shopping plaza. “We planned on this whole site being developed and completely paved,” he said, and while the existing sediment pond can handle the extra runoff, “from -quality standpoint” there will be an additional bio retention pond behind the building, which will look like -landscaped depression.


A bridge over it will allow a crossing for pedestrians, Mr. Parker said, but

“Most of the business is through the drive-thru window.” Mr. Parker told the five-member advisory commission that he was confident the final plan “ will resemble exactly what we’re showing you,” with the building in the standard company style. “It’s so needed,” said Jon Spicer, commission chair.


“We can’t wait.” “It really is nice.” Also hearing the case were Weldon Corbin, Phillip Kerley, Tommy Smith and Sarah Young. Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain, serving more than 3 million customers every day. Founded in 1950 in Quincy, Mass., there are over 11,300 restaurants worldwide.



Site plan prepared by Parker & Associates for Dunkin’ Donuts shows its location in the southwest corner of the Princess Anne Village shopping plaza property. This location is home to Caesars Pizza and M Street Grille

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